Episode 01: Back in time with Sarah

Imagine looking back over the last 16 years of your life. I bet you have a ton of stand out moments.

Did the teenage you always know that they'd write that novel? Or smash that business plan and get the start up fund they always dreamed of? Did your younger self quickly learn that the way to pass exams is to study hard and lay down the foundations of their beautiful future that YOU are now lucky enough to live in?

Or were they robbed (by a seagull), bored (by school) and frightened (by a bearded farting lady)?

Would you swell up with pride and envy all at once and wish you could live it all again?

Or would you sit back, unrelax and think "Ah, this is why I'm anxious"?

Like I did. That's me.

Show notes:

  • 16 years of friendship
  • Where's the adult now?
  • Robbed
  • Content to anxiety
  • Back in time (oooooooh)
  • 2001: Smelly Gel Pens, First day of school
  • 2002: Smoking and Shaving
  • 2003: Jack Sparrow, VodkaGate
  • 2004: On top of a boy on a bench
  • 2005: A Black Eyed Pea and GCSEs
  • 2006: Take note, NASA, if you're listening. My first panic attack.
  • 2007: There's no such thing as Santa
  • 2008: We work very well together
  • 2009: From Caernarfon to Camarthen
  • 2010 and 2011: Quite blurry. $1.37
  • 2012: Lucy, Lucy, Mr Lemons, Wolfman and the Soldier
  • 23: We were 2013
  • 2014, 2015, 2016: Mucking out animals.
  • That's enough for now.

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